Bandwith speeds with gigabit lan

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Hello there.

I'm in a process of purchasing banana pro and I have a question regarding banana pi LAN speeds:

Bana pro has Gigabit port. Theoretical speeds are up to 125 MB/s.
Bnana pro has sata 2 port. Theoretical speeds are up to 300MB/s.

So if I have sata 6 disk (Intel SSD 510) plugged into banan pro  that has speeds of up to 500MB/s sequential reads and 315MB/s writes and since bana pro has gigabit ethernet port then in theory I can expect speeds up to 125 MB/s when I'll upload 20GB file from my local SSD to banan pro?

Will I get those speeds when transfering data throuh gigabit LAN port? Will I get at least 100MB/s speeds? What exactly is the bottleneck in bana pro? Does it pciE or on what is connected gigabit lan port?


you would not be able to reach the theoretically limits. Here is a good post what should be possible: http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-7102-1-1.html. If yiu search you will find a lot of postings, especially from tkaiser.

Best regards,

LeMaker gave up supporting Banana Pi/Pro and the forum started to die when they rearranged everything a few months back so that most subforums are just empty placeholders for future products (Guitar, Bass, Drums and so on)

Forget about 'theoretical' speeds. This is a tablet SoC called Allwinner A20 with some peripherals around:


Argh, I have big problems accessing this forum. Ergo did not reply for the last 3 days... :S site is iresponsive here in EU.

Anyways I managed to get to reply button.

Thank you for your response tkaiser. I've red the whole site and now I can't decide weather to buy banana pro or reach for something much expensive like synology :S

I was hoping to get cheap nas with low energy consumption for cca 100€ but now I think it's not possible for me :\

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