Lemaker Guitar Android Installation Guide

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I received my Lemaker Guitar recently and bought a 12V 2A power supply. I am going to try Andoird Lolipop 5.1.1 on this amazing board. Here is a guide of how to install Andoid Lolipop to the EMMC of Lemaker Guita. First of all you need to download burning tools and Android firmware from below links.http://mirror.lemaker.org/IH_FW_Burning_Tool_For_Windowns_V2.01.03.zip

When the downloads complete, unzip and install the Actions burning tool,  unzip the Android firmare until the Android_For_Guitar_EMMC_v1509.fw file is extracted.
Then we fire up the IH FW Burning Tool, press and hold the ADFU button of the base board before you connect the PC to Lemaker Guita via USB2.0 or USB3.0 cable. After installing the driver of Actions S500 , you will be in ADFU mode.
USB.png USB3.jpg

When you are in ADFU mode you will see a USB devices is detected (1 ADFU). Just like the picture below.
Press the DOWN button at the bottom right of the app window and waiting for the burning process complete.
You can refer to below link for more detail.

Thank you for summing up the process!

Just a small addedum:

Once connected to USB port, the Burning will identify if your device is in ADFU mode (in the line showing the number of device connected). If the device is not detected in ADFU mode, just follow this procedure, with the Guitar connected on your computer USB:
- press the ADFU switch on the side of the guitar
- while holding the ADFU switch, press the reset button on the Guitar board until the red LED switch off, then release the reset switch
- Once the burning tool detect a DFU device you can release the ADFU button.

Just had somme issue with random ADFU detection until I use this idiot-proof procedure.

ChrisP replied at Fri Nov 6, 2015 04:34
Just a small addedum:

Once connected to USB port, the Burning will identify if your device is in AD ...

Thank you for the tip.

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