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FreePBX on LeMaker Guitar (ELAR-Systems Version)

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FreePBX/Astersik VOIP Telephony System for LeMaker Guitar



Note: You can use RasPBX Documentation page for detailed instruction, however, the Hostname hasbeen changed to "ELAR-Systems". Hence, after insering the SD and bootup, open up your browser and point it to "http://elar-systems.local".

FreePBX login:
PBX Administrator Username: admin
PBX Administrator Password: admin

SSH Login:
Username: root
Password: elar-systems

Cheers! i am interested in it!  waiting for your upload

completely  compatible with Guitar?
If So, I must have a  try
if not ,  happy to check it  


As far as I got time to check it, all are working fine... Give it a go :)  Post time Nov 06, 2015 01:40

amazing, I must have a try. any problems, I will update on the post following.

I gonna try it weekend, boss on my back.

Great Job!!!!

amazing!  I must have a  try...

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