I2C problem with IMU BNO055

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I have latest Bananian 15.08, all updates installed.
I wrote a program on Python, which read data from Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055
My program reads data successfuly, BUT I2C kernel module gives A LOT of error messages during the operations. After several tests my 8 GB SD card was completly full with logs.
This is sample of error messages:

  1. <font face="Arial" size="3">[17152.418763] STOP failed!
  2. [17152.428341] 1.STOP can't sendout!
  3. [17152.429574] STOP failed!
  4. [17152.434743] 1.STOP can't sendout!
  5. [17152.435974] STOP failed!
  6. [17152.441144] 1.STOP can't sendout!
  7. [17152.442376] STOP failed!
  8. [17152.447521] 1.STOP can't sendout!
  9. </font>
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I found this message in kernel source code ( ... /busses/i2c-sunxi.c):
  1. <font face="Arial" size="3">aw_twi_get_stop(base_addr);/* it must delay 1 nop to check stop bit */
  2.         while(( 1 == aw_twi_get_stop(base_addr))&& (--timeout));
  3.         if(timeout == 0) {
  4.                   i2c_dbg("1.STOP can't sendout!\n");
  5.                   return AWXX_I2C_FAIL;
  6.         }
  7. </font>
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And because of permanent    #define SUNXI_I2C_DEBUG    I am receiving hundreds of messages.
As a temporary workaround I disabled logging of these messages in "syslog", but I don't like it.

So, anybody have any idea what to do? Of course I can disable error messages in driver, but it would be good if somebody can help to fix problem, not symptoms.

Thank you!

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