Banana Pi Pro not working

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Hello! I recently bought a Banana Pi Pro and I am encountering problems regarding the OS. First of all I am a beginer in Linux. After I read all the tutorials about installing an OS I did it myself. I got a class 10 16 GB microSD card and downloaded and extracted the .iso for raspbian available on the lemaker website. I wrote the image to the SD card using win32DiskImager. I put the SD card in the banana pi pro and went ahead to power it up. It boots and gets in the gui - everything looking as it should. But when I try to open something (scratch, idle, Web browser, etc.) the CPU usage goes to 100% and it just freezes and I can't do anything,it responds to no commands. Also the cpu gets insanely hot.  So I press the reset switch and it powers off and back on but it just goes ahead and displays rows and rows of errors without stopping. So I go back to scratch and try another OS. Every other operating system I try (raspbian, arch Linux, lubuntu,OpenSuse) just goes through the exact phases.  I have a good power supply and I also tried with another 32 Gb card but with the same results.If you could help me it would be great since I couldn't find anything related to this.

Thank you.
Seems like a power issue...sagging under load.

If you have faith in the adapter try changing it's usb cable.Many times the cable causes serious voltage drops,especially longer/thinner ones.

I have tried it with 3 different power supplies and even a short 10 cm USB wire but with the same result.

It's ok now. Apparently it was something wrong with the board.  I took it back to the store and changed it to another banana pro that works like a charm

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