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First off I need to say thanks because this forum has been really helpful and resourceful to a newcomer like myself. I'm totally new to coding (Even though I did some c++ in my coursework for network engineering) but linux is some what different, but I'm open to learning the new OS so far I love working with it, I just recieved my banana pro 3 days ago and I already have it hosting my own wordpress blog now I just have to do some designing with the interface, and a few other things.

What I'm trying to do however is to just bridge the ethernet and wifi connections with my banana pro, just like a windows bridge. The reason for this, is because I have a Samsung Smart tv and and it doesn't have wifi capability, but it does have an ethernet jack. So I want to share the wifi from the pi to the TV, this would be good because once I have it setup I no longer have to worry about it vs my laptop where everytime I shut it down I have to reconfigure everything and sometimes windows can be a pain to work with. I have done some research but all the ones I see seem to do something a little different than one I'm trying to address or maybe I'm just reading it wrong. But I'm sure you guys can lead me in the right direction. Sorry for the lengthy post.
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