Cross compiler GCC for Windows

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Are there any cross compiler banana pro that I can install the Windows operating system? Or someone can help me to build a cross, because I have some questions in the process.
Unfortunatly there isn't a prebuilt cross compiler for now, but there is a way.

You have to install Oracle Jdk, netbeans for C and MinGw in Windows system and SSH on banana.
Then in nb select services tab, then right click on c/c++ build hosts and select add new host

It will connect trough SSH with Banana and deploy directly.

In some case Netbeans 8 don't find the remote gnu-compiler, in this case tray to install Jdk and Netbeans 7.0

Alternatly you can try to compile gcc for cross compiling with Cygwin but is long and horrible results.


I've found also this:

It will be used with commandline option "-march=armv7-a" for Banana A20 Cpu.

But i' don't know nothing about this because i don't have time to test. You can try

Why do use a cross compiler under Windows, you'd better can set up a virtual machine to install the Linux under Windows.

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