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Hi. Just got my Bpi yesterday, created SD card with latest bananian according to the manual on lemaker website, plugged in HDMI/VGA converter, network cable (100M router on other end), 2A/5V charger and it won't work. Red led is constantly on, it blinks once after pressing reset button, shuts off on power button hold but no other activity at all.
To the point, I'm looking for proper schematics for lemaker branded Bpi because schematics available is probably for other vendor because components designators doesn't match (R24 on the PCB is R106 on the schematics). I need to verify PMU is working properly (giving correct voltages). This is not charger issue, it is over 5.2V on the PCB.

BTW someone can expand thread category? This case don't match any option available.


banana_pi_schematic.pdf (370.79 KB, Downloads: 31)

Thanks Tony, this one seems to be correct.

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