Good News, HDMI CEC IS OK!!!!!

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Edited by Hayden.Hu at Nov 19, 2015 03:30


   The HDMI CEC function is OK now, we will add it to LeMeida in the next verion。

   To use the LeMedia HDMI CEC function, first of all, you TV need to support HDMI CEC. At present in many different TV brands can see the figure of CEC, but each manufacturer to its name is different. Such as (Panasonic) Link VIERA, (Samsung) Anynet+, (LG) SIMPLINK, (Sony) SYNC BRAVIA, (Sharp) Link Fami, etc., are generally borrowed by the CEC signal to allow users to control the HDMI interface device.

   First, Let's have a look demonstration effect of it,We test it with Samsung TV(With Anynet+ function)。

   First, Samsung TV and LeMedia is closed, but when LeMedia is opend, TV set will be automatically on


   and then We can use the Samsung TV remote control to control LeMedia, like

   Choose to play a video

   Fast forward
   Finally, When we turn off the TV, and LeMedia will automatically shut down

Good news Hyden,
But as you advised me on email, we should wait while you release the version of LeMedia with Decoding Problem Fixed first.
So, when will you release the new LeMedia version with all of this implemented?

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