PowerVR SGX544 OpenSource driver?

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I would like to know about the situation with LINUX and the driver for the PowerVR SGX544 in the S500.
Is there any chance that we get newer Kernel supported with a driver for the PowerVR SGX544?

  • Is there a driver in the works for Kernel 3.10.78?
  • I read about development for Open Source driver, do you support that?

To have a nice working GUI would be a big advance, I heard Raspberry Pi is almost there.

At current, the low-level kernel driver for PowerVR SGX544 is open source. We have got the DDK from Actions provided by PowerVR, the kernel is allowed open source, so we intergrated it into the kernel source: https://github.com/LeMaker/linux ... ter/drivers/gpu/pvr . While the libraries for hardware acceleration and OpenGLES is not allowed opened. I have read your link, if I understand correctly, the things above the kernel modules is the libraries for hardware acceleration.

tony_zhang replied at Nov 20, 2015 02:56
We have got the DDK from Actions provided by PowerVR ...

The information I found on the internet ist mostly from 2012. The website is a bit weird.
I also came across some GitHub repository, but it was hard for me to understand the
status of development.
According to your information it is only as much OpenSource as it needs to attach the driver easily to the Kernel.

Can you port this driver /libraries to a 3.10.78 kernel?

I think when upgrade to the 3.10.78, it is easy to port the kernel driver.

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