Slow download speeds with banana pro

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My bananapro is connected to the internet with ethernet 1000mbit cable. My internet speed is 120mbits. There is a sata drive attached to banana. I tried checking download speed by downloading some big files with wget, but the speeds are really bad. Other computers achieve speeds of 10MB/s while banana is on 1-2MB/s. It fluctuates around those values and sometimes gets higher, like 6-7MB/s for a couple seconds. Should I consider my board faulty? Maybe I misconfigured sth?
And could do you test the ethernet in the local network, for example copy file from your PC to Banana Pro, they are both connect to the same router?

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Just tried copying some files via scp. Macbook connected to the same router via wifi achieved speed from 8-10mbyte/s, my windows pc just below 8mbyte/s. The transfer was from external hdd. From internal sd card macbook got about 8mbyte/s and windows pc 7mbyte/s. Both results are much better than what I got with wget, but I guess both are still below what can be achieved with bananpro. I wanted to use it as nas + torrent + backup server and 8mbytes/s is not that wondrful of a speed.

You can read carefully the below thread to learn how to tweak the performance: ... &extra=page%3D1 ... &extra=page%3D1

The basic receive speed is 40~50MB while the send speed is 100MB+ .

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