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There is one thing I'm disappointed, NAND Flash interface not available, even as some test points on to PCB. I've realized it a bit too late. This is hard to understand why all unused features are not available in some sort of system connector. Second SD card would be nice as well.

Sry but BananaPro was never released with Nand, if you need Nand flash you should try Guitar instead:

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I have pi not pro, this is not I really need it but some potential of the hardware can't be used, of course I can lift the chip and hardwire necessary pins but this is extremely risky.
Guitar is ARM9, unsupported by debian so far for my knowledge. Also I would like to connect my 128GB eMMC chip, not use built in 8GB.


The Lemuntu is based on Debian.  Post time Nov 24, 2015 05:10

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