How to install LeMedia(XMBC) to banana pi ?

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I have a Banana Pi M1 A20 .

I wanna to install LeMedia , so that i can play my media with this mini board computer?

I was wondering how I can install LeMedia to my Banana Pi?

I downloaded the LeMedia files from\
It downloaded in .tgz file format. I don't know how to install it.

Should I install Lubuntu or Bananian to the SD card first    or   Extract the tgz files in windows then write on the SD card????

Any help?

Thank you

Extract the tgz files to get the img file and then write to sdcard.

The process is elaborated in the user manual.
user manual pdf

You could also try Ryad's Archlinux distro which uses the KODI/smplayer combo for hardware accelerated 1080 content. ... mized-distribution/

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