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Hello everyone!

So my Lemaker Guitar just arrived and I am excited! I am very new to working on devices such as this so please forgive me if this is an extremely novice question.

I was wondering what Lemaker displays the Guitar can support. I have found 7 inch, 5 inch, and 3.5 inch touch screens produced/labled as Lemaker displays that work for the BananaPro and I wanted to know which one of these I could get to work with the Guitar. By reading through the documentation the Guitar only supports LVDS unlike the BananaPro which supports LVDS/RGB. Further investigation leads me to believe that only the 7 inch will work but I am really hoping that I am just misunderstanding what I have read.

Ideally I would like a 5 inch display for the project I want to start; So if the Lemaker 5 inch display does not work with the Guitar could someone offer a suggestion on a 4.5 to 6 inch touch screen display that can work with Guitar in Android?

I am really hoping that the 5 inch Lemaker display works with the Guiltar and that I am just not understanding what the PCB attached to the back of the Lemaker displays are doing.

Thanks in advance for any information that anyone could provide!

How should displays with a 40 pin connector match a board with a 42 pin connector:

Nearly everything such an SBC provides depends on the SoC's capabilities. And since the older A20 used on the Banana Pi is incompatible to the ATM7059 SoC used on the Guitar, therefore peripherals get incompatible automagically too.

Thank you for the response I honestly did not see that it was 42 pins vs 40 pins. The site that I was looking at purchasing the LCD from ( did not list the pin size of the screen just the interface type yet they stated it was an accessory for the Guitar, obviously miss-labeled. However when reading the documentation on the LeMaker site they stated that the the Guitar Baseboard only supported LVDS and not RGB therefore from the information from the site I concluded the 5 inch screen would not work since the interface was parallel RGB not LVDS.  This is also why I thought the 7 inch would work since they said it was LVDS but clearly it will not since it is 40 pin. But in either case I have been unable to find datasheets for the LeMaker LCD's however I should have looked at the Banana Pro's pinout vs the Guitar's then I would not have made this mistake.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question; as I stated I am a novice and that certainly ended up being a dumb question.

Do you by any chance know of any screens that are in the 4.5 inch to 6 inch range that would work with this board without designing my own interface? Or is this board too new to have LCD's that are easily integrate into it.

Thanks in advance for any help that maybe offered,

Both the LCD and camera real pinouts is 40, just in Guitar schematics, we count the left and right pads, so it is 42, but when you read the schematics carefully, you can find it is only 40 for connecting the camera or LCD.

But please pay attention that, on the base board rev.b, the lcd connector is only for LVDS, so only the 7inch LCD can be work.

Well this is certainly interesting news, thanks for clarifying the pinout question! It is good to know the 7 inch screen will work with the Guitar Rev B baseboard. However I am still curious if there will be smaller screens made available? Is there any thoughts on releasing a 5 inch touchscreen for the Guitar?

The 5inch Banana Pro LCD can not be used for Guitar. But of course we can select a 5inch LVDS interface LCD for Guitar. Or we can design a base board that have a RGB interface.

tony_zhang replied at Dec 01, 2015 01:08
Both the LCD and camera real pinouts is 40, just in Guitar schematics, we count the left and right p ...

Hi Tony,

I have updated my Guitar Review - I originally listed 42 pins due to the schematic. I'd have fixed it sooner, but no one let me know of the error.

I tweeted out about the update

Best Regards,


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