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So I just started to compare the pinouts of the Banana Pi/Pro and the Guitar due to the fact that I was just informed of the difference in pin counts between these models. And from this research it has come to my attention that the Guitar pinout for the camera is 42 pins however the Banana Pi/Pro camera pinout is 40 pins. Yet the wiki for the Guitar camera ( clearly states that the Banana Pi/Pro camera is compatiable with the Guitar. Is the wiki in error or will the 40 pin Banana Pi/Pro camera truly work with the Guitar; the pinouts between the two boards sure makes it look like that they are not compatiable. Perhaps though I am making a mistake, however if I am not can someone point me to where I can purchase a compatiable camera for the Guitar.

Thanks in advance for any help,
The shematic for Guitar is 42 is because the left and right pads was counted, but in fact the real pinouts is also 40.
The camera for Banana Pro is compatible for Guitar. Please just use the Banana Pro camera on Guitar, no problem.

Thank you for clearing this up for me!


These are the latest models you mentioned in your post, i need advice that i have simply content writer at , and i need to assembled my system for home work, but i am fond of playing high graphic games to so i need good system can any one tell me the configuration.

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