Banana Pi with SATA to USB 3.0 and DUAL USB HDD enclosure

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Hi everyone!

I'm fairly new to the whole Build-Your-Own NAS idea and wanted to get feedback on some ideas. Whats my goal? I would like to create a tech class for my students and let the build their own simple NAS for home use at very low price.

Idea 1: Banana Pi + 1x 2,5" 1TB HDD + special enclosure
I guess that is a straight forward build and should be pretty reliable, right?

Idea 2: Banana Pi + SATA to USB 3.0 cable + USB enclosure for 2 HDDs ... p;tag=htpcguides-20 ... p;tag=htpcguides-20

Would it be possible to make a RAID1 with this setup and what read/write speeds could I expect from that? Alternatively I could use the 2nd idea and connect 2 drives as JBOD, right?

I read some threads about the SATA port multiplicator, but it seems to be a bit unstable and has higher costs due to a special case, an extra power supply etc.

Thanks in advance for some help
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