Installing Kodi 15.2 stable on Lemuntu

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You should make sure you have installed GPU driver first. You refer to this thread for detail.
Before installing Kodi, OMX VDE need be installed. Open your termnial and input commands below to install OMX VDE.
  1. wget http://mirror.lemaker.org/omx.tar.gz
  2. sudo tar –zxvf omx.tar.gz
  3. sudo ./install.sh
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After the installation of OMX VDE, we can start installation of Kodi now. Open lxterminal.
  1. wget http://mirror.lemaker.org/xbmc_Isengard_stable_install.tar.bz2
  2. tar -xvf xbmc_Isengard_stable_install.tar.bz2
  3. cd xbmc_Isengard_stable_install
  4. sudo chown -R root:root ./*
  5. sudo ./install.sh
  6. sudo cp /usr/local/share/applications/kodi.desktop  /usr/share/applications/kodi.desktop
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We need to creat a config file for all users to use Kodi.
  1. sudo apt-get install vim
  2. sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/50-kodi.rules
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Press keyboard i then copy and paste below to the blank window.
  1. KERNEL=="mali0", GROUP="root",MODE="0666"
  2. KERNEL=="ion", GROUP="root",MODE="0666"
  3. KERNEL=="mem", GROUP="root",MODE="0666"
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When you finished paste above values just press ESC and input :wq to save.
You can find Kodi in the Sound & Video menu. Done, you can enjoy using Kodi 15.2 on Lemaker Guitar now.
Screenshot from 2015-12-03 21:27:40.png

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