7 inch Touch Screen With Android

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Hi All,

So I am very new to playing with devices like the Guiltar so please forgive me if this is a novice question.

I just got a 7 inch LVDS touch screen (the LeMaker one) and I was able to boot into Android and the display worked. However the touch screen componet did not. Does the default Android image for the Guitar EMMC not have the necessary FEX file adjustments for the touchscreen installed? I don't really have time to jump in and figure out how to look at the FEX file or even change it. I just want to verify that I didn't get a bad screen. In a couple of weeks I will have plenty of time to dive into playing with building my own Android image and really start enjoying my new Guitar. But for now I just want to check that the parts I ordered are working as expected so when I have the time to play with the Guitar I won't have to wait for parts.

Thanks for any help,
The Guitar do not use the FEX file to manage the touch function. The FEX is for A20 products such as Banana Pro.
I do not know if the touch driver has been added into the OS. I will ask someone else to reply.

Thank you for the new information. I am learning something new about this board everyday I eagerly await to hear the next reply about if the touch driver is installed. I truly appreciate all the help you have offered me so far Tony Zhang.

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I thought I would post an update. The driver is part of the Android image. It just turns out the connection to the Guitar Base Board was not as secure as it needed to be. Thanks for the help anyways it was apreciated, sorry for being such a newbie.
Have a great day,

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