LeMaker Guitar Case (Prototype - ELAR Systems)

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Hello xevilstar,
Thanks for showing your interest.
This case is a prototype. It has not been evaluated as a engineering side of view and might need changes if we want to make it.
However, I can send you a STL file if you would like to make a 3D print for your self. So, just send me an PM and we can arrange.

Dear Tido,
You have been assigned as a moderator for this forum and not as a business adviser or technical expert. So writing comments which you are not certain about generally is not right.


I wrote those comments above before I was a moderator in this forum.

If you have an engineering degree, you know that such a housing needs real-situation-testing.
From TK I read about the heat produced from this SoC under heavy load and in the code you can read about the frequency it can run.
From your side I never read about any such test with the Guitar in the housing.

No doubt that it needs to be checked and we actually did the few test. For sure, we cannot publish everything we do here!

By the way, as a matter of sudden I am a Mechanical engineer. So along with my computer engineers, we know about production concerns.
Thermal and stress test worked fine and with a heat sink it's actually has no issue.
However, we completely want to change the concept of this enclosure if it goes for production...

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sghazagh replied at Jan 12, 2016 21:09
... we cannot publish everything we do here!
... with a heat sink it actually has no issue. ...

Well, certainly you could write down in a couple words what you have done to stress (software & settings), how many hours,
ambient temp. outside housing, temperature of the S500 and such. And 2-3 pictures of the setup.

Heat sink, this is fine to take over for a few seconds, maybe minutes, but then it has to get rid of the heat, right?
So your housing is tight, not upright ...

Maybe your new design will convince me

About heat sink, my idea

looks very cool, I like it.Good job

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This is a len router.

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hanks for sharing this wonderful thing. Keep sharing useful and more visible things like this. Thank you very much

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This model would look much better with air conditioning.

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