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Hi,Is anybody using Lua on Banana Pro, and if so how are you accessing GPIO ?
I looked at rPi  and it seems there is a luarock called rpi-gpio, but it does not work on bPi.

There is an rPi implementation is derived from RPi.GPIO python which also exists
in the form RPi.GPIO_BP for the Banana Pro.

I am wondering is there a BP lua module for GPIO support ?


I do use lua on Banana Pro.
But the the two below python gpio library is the same function as RPi.GPIO:

Thanks for your advice.
Are you abe to use these python library from a lua program ?


I'm accessing to GPIO by using sysfs, from /sys/class/gpio.
As it's only a question to deals with files, this methods is working whatever the language you're using.

Some explanation on my site (but in French).



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