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Hello guys out there ;D
since my problem with the hdmi to dvi adapter occured i want to get a normal display from a notebook or so and connect it to the lvds interface on the Rev.B board.
The Problem:
i cant find any information about the interface of the board at all ... i just know that this board has a 40 pin lvds 8 bit interface but i do not know if it is dualchannel or not.
also i want to get a display which is a big as pissible ... something like 15" or so ...
findig a normal 15" display isn´t the problem ... but the way it should bee connectet is the problem. I really find no adapter from this 40 pin interface to any other standard ...
which displays do you use (not monitors just displays) ?

i hope you are able to help me out ...
sorry for my faults my english isnt the best
regards from germany
lukas ;)
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Hi, kinglui29:

      I think that there just has a HDMI output interface on notebook, so you can't use notebook as Guitar's display. As to how to connect the LCD screen to the lvds interface on the Rev.B board, you can refer to -> LeMaker Guitarin Definition on Guitar.

wow ... you haven´t understood my question
i´m not searching for a notebook but for a display from a notebook ... just the display ... you know ? the display
that a notebook with an hdmi port doesnt work is very clear for me
i tested it with my pc monitor and it won´t work if you were referring to that
regard from germany
Lukas ;)

At currently, we only have a 7inch LVDS LCD  for public sale to connect to the Rev.B base board.

hello tony_zhang,
yes i know this 7" display but as i said 7" are definetly too small for my project ...
i know you trie to sell your parts but do you have a tip for another and bigger display ? would be veeeery nice
regards from germany
Lukas ;)

10.1inch is also under the develop, then 13.3inch, no bigger any more. If you really want to a bigger monitor, maybe you need design a adapter board for the big monitor like 7inch LCD does

do you have an idea when the the 13 inch display will come up ?

regards from germanya
Lukas ;)

kinglui29 replied at Dec 16, 2015 08:22
do you have an idea when the the 13 inch display will come up ?

regards from germanya

The 13inch maybe need wait until June next year

ohh hmm
and the 10.1 inch one ?

theres no lcd screens on lenovator officiel webpage

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