Banana Pro NAS, Samba, SATA

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To say I'm out of my depth on this is a gross understatement.

I've tried several different Banana images (Bananian, Raspian, OMV_BananaPro (simpleNAS)) I'm kind of understanding the basics, but mounting a SATA HDD to use for data share is escaping me.

after many searches, I've learned that I DON't want to move the OS to SATA if I also want to use the drive for data storage (assuming I understood that post correctly)  

This is not a problem as I don't think running Bananian from the hdd will improve smb performance??

So, once I've got the Banana up and running, Samba installed and the Hdd formated, partitioned and a table saved....where do I need to look to figure out how to point the samba configurations to the sata hdd as my smb share?

I can even connect to the smb share, but it's not the hdd, instead it's just a dir on the msdhc.

When using the GUI on OMV_BananaPro (SimpleNAS) I could never find a volume for the samba share...I'm assuming that's because there was NO sata drive mounted correctly for the samba share to find.

Thanks much.
This was the very first guide that helped me to install samba on Raspberry Pi  and later on Banana Pi as well:
http://www.howtogeek.com/139433/ ... ork-storage-device/

And I used this guide to move root partition to Sata drive as well:
https://www.pixxis.be/2014/08/11 ... r_rootfs_from_sata/

I did all this on Raspbian, but just tin case I found this guide that mention is for Bananian too:

Thanks for that!  I had spent some time researching Linux disk mounting and kind of figured i was missing fstab settings.  I'm thinking some of the guides I've been referencing assume you already have Linux basics down.  I should work on that some day.

gtFlue replied at Dec 16, 2015 22:04
Thanks for that!  I had spent some time researching Linux disk mounting and kind of figured i was mi ...

Don't worry, I started newbie as well, not very long ago...
Good luck!

woo hoo...successfully linked to my sata drive via the bananapi NAS.

However!  I'm running into Samba seek issues when I have more than 1 partition of the drive mapped (constant disk access..clicking and such)  Looking into incorporating and Samba script to mount to a ram disk to minimize un-needed drive access.

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