System Freezes at video playback and use of Chromium

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When using the Ubuntu Mate 15.04 v1511 release, trying to play a video with GNOME Player freezes the LeMaker Guitar (hard reset needed)
I've tried http://download.blender.org/peac ... unny_1080p_h264.mov and http://jell.yfish.us/media/Jellyfish-3-Mbps.mkv
on 2 different Guitars, so it is not just one sample.

The pre-installed firefox offers no h264 video hardware decoding support (it says due to driver issues?!)

Chromium freezes the whole system after a few clicks.
Also it has rending artifacts (parts of the screen stay blue) and chrome://gpu says hardware video decoding is not available under Linux.

I've tried the version installed with:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

and the version installed from:

http://launchpadlibrarian.net/22 ... 04.1.1190_armhf.deb
http://launchpadlibrarian.net/22 ... 04.1.1190_armhf.deb

Is hardware video playback acceleration and/or 3D (within a browser) really supported under Linux or only feasible within Android?

Maybe I am missing something?

Firstly, I think it is the web browser do not support the hardware acceleration.
Secondly, I do not if the Gnome player do not use the right driver.

Please refer the link below to check the hardware acceleration:

And for the good experience for playing video, you can try LeMedia:

First of all, we do provide a hard decoding library(OpenMax il) and 3D graphics library under Linux.

Secondly, "GNOME Player" and "Chromium" online installation may not go to call these decoding library.

Again,if you want to experience the 3D acceleration and hard decoding on Guitar, you can install Kodi on Ubuntu Mate,reference link:[url]http://wiki.lemaker.org/How_to_install_KODI_on_Lemuntu[/url]

From my opinion, the default Gnome player install from apt source do not call the video decoding library, if we want to Gnome player to call for the video decoding, we need configure the Gnome or modify the source code to let Gnome lead to OpenMax that LeMaker provide.
The chromium build from the source may have the OpenGL GPU support, but also do not have the video decoding support by default. We can develop a chromium plug-in to call the video decoding library.

Just like the Kodi run on Guitar, it also has modification on the source code to let it call the video decoding.

The OpenGL or OpenGLES is the standard library that have the standard API function, so if the application just use OpenGL or OpenGLES, it do not need to modify. But different video decoding do not have the same API function.

Maybe my understanding is not all right, it is just a reference.


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Kodi will not fit my use case, because I want to use the Guitar for an interactive digital signage display, where HTML5 and Javascript are used to create CSS animations and to play video's, for a example a video plays and while playing is 3D-transformed to a smaller size, to be able to show different content. As said, it needs to be interactive, so just playing a movie will not work.
This functionality could be coded in C/C++ by hand, but this way it is less flexible and needs a developer to create or alter the content, hence the choice for HTML5/CSS3.
So that's why a modern browser with hardware (video) acceleration is needed.

In Android this all works without problems in Chrome, but Android lacks the control over server functionality I'd also want to use, which is no problem in Linux (i.e. being a Wifi hotspot with mutli-ssid's, offer uPnP discovery, ethernet routing functionality, etc...)

It's a shame Chrome or Firefox just do not work realible on ARM/Linux with hardware acceleration (I've tried ARM Mali and PowerVx based platforms, both with the same results).

One way to go forward could be to choose Android as the base platform and implement the needed server functionality on the underlying linux-like OS / shell, but this is quite experimental. Another way it to try to compile (and patch) Chromium from source so it does work, like you did with Kodi.

NB The reason for mentioning the GNOME Player is that I don't think it is the expected behaviour that a pre-installed player of a distribution for the product freezes the whole system when you just try to use it ;)

I have seen your email about the GPU support information in the Chromium and Firefox.
From the information, the web browser has already detected the PowerVR SGX544 GPU, and has detect the OpenGL or OpenGLES to support the 3D.
But the video decoding do not detect the hardware acceleration. So we need modify the source code to call the OpenMax to support the video decoding. The RD team is now discussing the solution.

The bug which there have some blue or black block when open the chromium browser on the Ubuntu Mate System has been fixed, and you need to update the library for the GPU hardware acceleration, please refer to the URL at http://wiki.lemaker.org/LeMaker_Guitar:GPU_hardware_acceleration again.

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