Can I get the source code of kernel?

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Where can I get the source code of kernel? I can not find it.
is it same as cubieboard2?
It is a little different from cb2. But we can use the cb2 linux kernel. We will release the source code until the bug has been solved.

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If you released the source code, that would be great!

We will discuss that as soon as possible

Please release kernel source code. Schematics are also needed please.

At least kernel-headers are needed for 3.4.90 in order to develop kernel modules.
Please provide the kernel headers and some instruction how to prepare the BnanaPi Lubuntu for kernel development. eg. installing make, gcc and other needed packages

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Even if there are still bugs in it (it is software, it always has bugs)
the current state of the source code will help developers to support the board with new drivers

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