Car pc image and many problems need help

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i have a banana pro with raspbian.
i want to took him in my car and make a media center.
i tried it with some files and installation packages from http://christian-brauweiler.de/h ... hscreen-update-2015
is there anyway to become it to run on banana pro?

Banana Pro
sd card 16gb
Banana LCD 7 with touch
120gb Sata HDD
Bluetooth dongle

What ive done until here

1. Installed raspbian
2.Installed bp-update
3. activated Wifi
4. Set Boot directory from sd card to hdd [works]

Now i have to do with your help

Change carpc-install.sh commands
Change rpi-carpc.sh commands
Change Files in Folder rpi-carpc-update.tar.gz

Files with that i work:
1.Car PC installer
https://drive.google.com/folderv ... 53-kVk03SGQ5OWY4Z0k
2. Kodi update 14.2

okay thats actually all did you think that i can so begin or is it the wrong way?


Hi guy, some news ?

Just an idea -
Perhaps it might be better to try LeMedia (XBMC) v1504 OS for Banana Pi and Pro as base.

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