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PirateBox Using LeMaker Guitar

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A PirateBox is a Linux based system built using free software, that provides private sharing of digital content. The PirateBox creates a local WiFi network, independent from the Internet, with anonymous file sharing and chatting capabilities.

I wanted to make a PirateBox and create a cool looking case for it. I want to use a 3D printed case , A small Python program controls custom hardware that makes the arcs above the skull glow when the PirateBox is up and running. Another small Python program controls a push button switch that illuminates when the LeMaker Guitar is powered up. When the switch is pressed, the program shuts down the LeMaker Guitar preventing the problems that can occur if you just unplug a running LeMaker Guitar.

I also want a LED Display directly on the back side of the box so we can edit and share easily
i am looking forward to build some more cool projects if i got the device
please stay tuned for the project updates
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