LeMaker Guitar 5v/2a Battery

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if this 5v/2a battery from Amazon: ... smid=A1DCPNQKKEISZB

is capable of powering the LeMaker Guitar w/ the LeMaker 7" LCD Touchscreen attached to it. I would also purchase this USB to DC adapter: ... smid=A1K7SDZJU2TS8N

Just want to make sure before purchasing it. Thanks ^^!


If you can power the Guitar for 7 minutes - would this be enough?

The question is, what do you want to use Guitar for and how long should the Guitar run without recharching the battery, right?

And I guess, if the battery runs out of power, it should safely shutdown the Guitar?

Can you answer these questions?

Apologies for such a vague question. My purpose for this battery is for it to be used in a project where I am making a homemade tablet out of a LeMaker Guitar and the Lemaker 7" Touchscreen. Judging from your questions, I'm assuming that this battery would not power the Guitar and the LCD touchscreen for very long. Is there anyway you could give me a ballpark mAh at 5v/2a that I would need in a battery to power the LeMaker Guitar and the Lemaker 7" Touchscreen for at least an hour? Sorry for my inexperience in this field, I'm trying my best to understand how everything relates. Thank You.

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I would look at Tablet's with 7" screen and their battery capacity.
These devices are fully optimized so I would consider taking double capacity for your project.

Concerning PowerPacks, the manufacturer often lie about the capacity.
Make sure to read reviews - better already tested PowerPacks - search for review's /tests

report back your findings, thank you.

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Maybe you should just get some lipo or li ion batties and put em in parallel and solder it on to the 3.7v pads. Takes care of charging for u.

The battery that u point to in it has a boost circuit to 5v but the battery is 3.7v

This is the best choice to power up ur project for 3 hours &more ... n-battery-pack.html

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