Mounting HiKey to acrylic case base?

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I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this.... but I'm having trouble assembling the HiKey kit.

I did not find instructions for assembling the HiKey kit. I tried to assemble it like a mother board to a computer case, but it seems the screw heads for the screws used with the threaded posts are too small, and they pull through the case base.

Its also not clear to me what the plastic spacers are for since there are tiny brass posts. Finally, the screws are quite long, so I'm not sure what is supposed to happen with the remaing threaded part.

I found a YoutTube video from th LeMaker Team for assembling a Banana Pro (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFIY-v1-mBg). The Banana Pro instructions appear close to what I need, but they are sufficiently different.

Can anyone point me to a video or instructions on assembling the HiKey kit?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the screw is a small one because of the specification of 96boards. We are now now ask someone to produce the case kit with screw for HiKey. It will be available later.

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Thanks Tony.

I have plenty of spare parts and a hardware store around the corner, so I can source what is needed.

Would LeMaker be able to provide an exploded view of what the assembly is supposed to look like?

And thanks for an awesome, inexpensive ARM64 board. I am one of the Crypto++ library maintiainers, and we purchased it specifically for testing under ARM64.

Thanks again.

I will ask somebody to provide you the information of the screw size.

If I do not remember wrong, the size is M2.5.
Something like this :

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