USB power supply broken :(

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Hey guys,
my bpi one day stopped accepting USB devices such as mouse or keyboard. I tried to use a new clean OS, but that wasn't doing the trick.
I opened the case and saw this:
(the part in the red circle smoked out.. it's probably a diode from which I can tell)

I played arround with my USB-LED light and got these results:

1. ultra short light flash (may be full power) when plugging in the light
2. goes to verry low light after that short flash
3. even if I unplug the bpi from power the light stays on at the exact same low light (capacitor?)
4. when i plug my keyboard in the other USB port the light goes off compleltely
5. keyboards etc. don't work

The only good news is that it seems to boot up and run normally, but obviously I can't come further than the login prompt, because I have no input device...
What would you do if that happened to your bpi? It would be a total waste to just throw it away because the USB ports don't get power anmore.

It's a very common issue on Banana Pi, see here how to solve it: ... 17&fromuid=1602

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