LeMaker Guitar Free Apply Championship Announced

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Dear LeMaker Community Users:          QQ图片20160107171520.gif

After one month competition. The first LeMaker Community campaign is Over. The result is as below:

CHAMPION:  Dipesh ChanderMonga
Data transfer using visible light for communication

Runner-Up: SYED JUNAID AHMED                    NdRunner-Up: 123458
                        2.jpg                                3.png                                                                                   PirateBox Using LeMaker Guitar                                                                 Wifi Router and file server

----------------------Other Entries-------------------


Let's congratulate them !! QQ图片20160107163129.gif
We still thanks Other candidates who are participate in the campaign but failed to get free Guitar

Let's expect for next campaign!

1. Plz complete the projects according to your  schedule ~
2. Finnish your project Here (can divided into several steps)--->Forum--LeMaker Guitar--Projects
3.Any questions of LeMaker Guitar you can ask in the forum. We'll help you to solve immediately.
4.If you have problem in realizing your project plz inform us in advance
5.If we can not contact you and you don't finnish the project without any information.You'll be forbidden to participate in our other campaigns

Noticing: Plz confirm your delivery information (telephone, address and email)

Thanks All
LeMaker Team

Congratulations, guys. Such a nice board to get.

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