Fun with MediaSonic ProRaid 2-bay enclosure

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Evening all.  Fairly new to the whole linux scene (as well as these small board pc's) ...I have a RB attached as a Kodi local stream only tv box that seems to work ok, so long as you don't try to get on line with it.  
When I saw the banana Pro was out, thought I would pick one up to play with....with 20MB transfers, I'd like to eventually save our PVR files to be shared beyond the HTPC...Yeah, I suppose I 'could' just connect to the HTPC, but were is the fun in that?

So, I have the bpp up and running (several times actually, still trying to decide on a favorite flavor) and taught myself how to setup a simple NAS (only took a dozen websites, but since I didn't take notes, I didn't really learn anything, except I should take better notes.) LOL!

AHYHOW, off track a bit.  I've connected the ProRaid with two 2TB drives and it is recognized by the bpp and mounts just fine.  Unfortunately, when in any mode but Single (there is also jbod, raid0 and raid1) jbd2 constantly accesess the drive.  click...click click...click.....click...etc.  Pretty sure this will fubar the drives in short order if allowed to do this 24/7.  This also prevents the drive from going into standby mode with hdparm....grrrr.

after some searching, found that adding noatime to the mount in fstab will fix the problem.....but, only in ext3, ext4 keeps right on clicking away.  I haven't tried ext2, and I probably wont.  Any thoughts on the Ext4 noatime?

Unless there is something in the mount command in fstab it looks like the NAS will operate in ext3.  I haven't set things up to check transfer speeds, but I can't imagine I'll see a big drop in performance.

Currently on bananian 15.08...should really keep a log, trying Lubuntu next.  I've got notes this time so it shouldn't take as long to setup!

More to come...later rather than sooner.
Welcome! And keep having fun!

http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... &extra=page%3D1
Here is also some experience on the server built by bp.

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