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How can a RTC battery be hooked up to the Guitar board and where?

What is the fix for the on and off button not working?

My Guitar board when it first boots up the LehMaker symbol is upside down is this normal?

What Revisions are coming out for the new boards?


RTC via I2C for example:
http://www.dx.com/p/rtc-v1-1-ds1 ... 316101#.VpoBw_krLAQ

The rest ... I haven't seen any kernel / u-boot development so it''s hard to get any fixes.

1. If you mean the on and off button for the power button on the board, it should press for more than 5 seconds to power off the system.
2. The symbol now in the latest version v1601 will be fix, it is because the different configuration between Linux and Android, but use the same boot logo picture source.
3. The Rev.C and Rev.D has finished debug. I will ask them to post some pictures, and they will be available in early April.


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