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Hi everybody,

Today I just received my very own LeMaker Guitar that was offered to me after presenting my project consisting of running Asterisk & FreePBX on a LeMaker Guitar to make your very own SIP PBX.

Here are the pictures I took while unboxing it, I didn't even started it yet before posting! I don't even know what is on the USB bracelet they sent along with the boards, I'll keep you posted as soon as I plug this in...

I'm from Canada and I use Asterisk from about 10 years now at home and I have some clients that also run an Asterisk PBX for their company.  I tried running Asterisk on various devices like the LeMaker Guitar in the past but I always relied on a premade image that I would simply flash ontothe device.

This project will ba all about building it from scratch. I don't know yet if I'm going to use packages or source files and compile everything. One thing I know I'm going to have problem with is that the LeMaker Guitar does not come with a real time clock, so we have to rely on the Internet to get the date correctly. I'll probably have to make a script to detect when Internet is available and then get the correct date.

2016-01-18 15.44.03.jpg
2016-01-18 15.46.28.jpg
2016-01-18 15.47.11.jpg
2016-01-18 15.49.22.jpg
Okay, looked at the USB bracelet and there is nothing on it it as a 4 GB USB key.

I connected the LeMaker to a monitor and Android is installed on the eMMC, I need some Linux flavor, so I'm going to read about how to make that happen... See you later!

USB bracelet  is just an extra  little present for yo, not anything for LeMaker Guitar.

I have moved the thread to the right section.


Will you write a document on Google Docs or how will you document your project?

Thank you for the unboxing pictures - this is missing on LENOVATOR's website.
I am surprised how nice it is packaged and with a little leaflet - well done LeMaker Team !
The Guitar comes with a heat-sink also a great improvement !

On the other hand, we now about the difficulty of the USB3.0 plug, so instead of 4GB Memory Stick
an USB3.0 OTG cable would have been much better ;)


At the end if I'm able to even boot this thing in Linux I'll create an howto document. But for now the Linux images I planned to base my build with does boot but all of my spare monitors aren't able to display the output... I'm getting an out of range error and as I read I'm not the only one having this problem and so far I can't find the solution... It seems that the board need a new kernel file that would correct this problem.

While searching I also find that someone beat me to it regarding FreePBX, there is an ready to flash FreePBX image for the Guitar on the forum, I even tried it while it does seem to boot nothing is displayed on my monitor.


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FrAllard replied at Jan 19, 2016 12:52
all of my spare monitors aren't able to display the output.. ...


This is an old problem with the display resolution.
If you have a full HD display and HDMI, it works.

For everything else you have to use command line.
In windows there is a tool called Putty.

Maybe the LeMaker Team creates a fresh LEMUNTU, and maybe this works better with different resolution.
I have the Guitar attached to my TV or I SSH into it from my Linux box.

None of the monitors I tried are Full HD, one is 16:10 ratio and the other one is 4:3 ratio. I tried ssh but somehow Advanced IP scanner couldn't find the IP guitar on my network, the MAC address is no where to be found, so I guess I'll have to dig inside my DHCP server lease to find it! More to follow when I have more time to look into this!

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