Cross compiling application from windows

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I've been trying to install something to do cross compileing for the Lemaker Guitar for days, but I couldn't find anything that works correctly. There is always something missing for no real reason and that drives me crazy.

I've installed Eclipse and a GCC tools chain for ARM (from Eclipse). But lots of stuff is missing (for example make.exe).
What have I to install to get something working ? After days searching on the net something that makes sense, I'm totally lost. I don't want to install an additional Linux (which one ?) or virtual machines only to use gcc.

So is there something in the documentation for cross platform development ?


Hello, jiporn:
          Maybe you can refer to http://www.acmesystems.it/foxg20_eclipse_windows_c
to know how to use the cross compiler in windons


I've already checked this (I use it to do some of the steps), but the Sourcery software is not available freely anymore.
But anyway, I could compile stuff on windows and blink some leds (but still not succeeding in getting interrupts functioning with WiringLMK).

If necessary I could do a summary of the tools I installed to get something working for those who want to do cross platfom on Windows.


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