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Do we have any sales figures for the BPi and/or the BPro?

I don't understand why these boards haven't become more popular! I still think they offer the best bang for buck 18+ months after release. They were released about 6 months before the RPi2, with notably superior spec (SATA and gigE) for approx the same cost! What's not to like about that combination?

The only real advantage of the RPi2 over the BPi boards is that I expect the RPi will get a fully functioning, open source gfx driver before we get one, if we ever get a finished Lima driver. If you use the BPi or RPi headless then I think the BPi boards win hands down.

Here in France, people are interested (at least, I got lot of questions about them as I did some articles about the bPI et bPro) : there is no issue with advanced users but for average ones, they are all afraid by
  • the lack of decent tutorials and support available.
  • Especially for those looking for media oriented (Kodi ...), they are afraid by the lack of support to get a fully working out of the box hardware decoding accelerated solution.
  • there is lot of expension boards available for the raspberry which are potentially compatible with our board ... but not tests and no tutorial on the web and the documentation only speak about rPI.

So, all in all, these boards have a very strong potential, but are weak in term of general communication and support

Hi destroyedlolo!

The RPi's much larger community and hence wider range of support is definitely its main advantage over any other ARM or non-x86 platform out there, no matter what the price or how much better the specs are.

I suppose the other reason the BPi isn't as popular as it could be is due to the wide range of very similar boards -  the Cubieboards, Lime2 etc etc. I went with the BPi over the other A20-based boards mainly because I'd seen it mentioned more places than the alternatives so I presumed it would be a bit better supported.

None of the Allwinner devices have sold anywhere near as many as the RPi boards of course but I think sunxi is prob the second biggest ARM Linux platform / community.

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