nbd: Error: Socket failed: Connection refused

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i can get no connection established from nbd-client to nbd-server:

sudo nbd-client localhost 2000 /dev/nbd0
on my machine shows error:

bede@lapsus /etc/nbd-server $ sudo nbd-client localhost 2000 /dev/nbd0
Error: Socket failed: Connection refused

Tried with localhost,, real local(static) ip.

This happens  on a banana pi, and also on a Mint Notebook, also between them.

Server config file is] [generic]
# If you want to run everything as root rather than the nbd user, you
# may either say "root" in the two following lines, or remove them
# altogether. Do not remove the [generic] section, however.
#       user = nbd
#       group = nbd
#       includedir = /etc/nbd-server/conf.d

# What follows are export definitions. You may create as much of them as
# you want, but the section header has to be unique.

exportname = /dev/sda2

Any ideas??
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