Lemaker Guitar with 7" Touchscreen Problems

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I have the 7" touch screen and when I first got everything hooked up it worked fine except for the bootup logo being backwards. Now it doesn't want to stay in landscape mode, what do I need to do to be able to switch it?

Also is there a way to get it to switch like a phone for auto rotate?


for auto rotate, it need a accelerator sensor to sensing the position.

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Read what I posted!

1. How can I keep it in landscape mode all the time for now?

2. If I did want to use a accelerometer how does it need to be hooked up or is it even supported?

I am really frustarted with the problems with this board and what your not supporting for external stuff like sound cards. The board not have a RTC etc. I looked at many different boards for my project and now feel like I made a huge mistake.

The support from you guys is not good at all, I have sent messages to support with no replies!

Hi Kevin,
           Auto rotate settings may be added in later versions,
           But now you can download the source edit configuration file to re compile!

find windowsmanagerservice.java.... u can hard code it to fix it in every rotation

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