Does anybody have experience using BPI-RP1 as *permanent* router?

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For various reasons, I need to use a single board computer as access point (among other functionalities).

I currently have an RPI2+Atheros configuration, which is limited and not very stable. I also have experience with other setups, including RPI2+RTL8188CUS, and PC+i7260.

None of those configurations is really usable as router. This gave me some distrust of the internet knowledge I've found until now, because I have the suspicion that users of such setups do their mini project, succeed in connecting a few times, then claim/publish success... and revert to their real router. As a matter of fact, I haven't read a single "I've been using XXX as router for months now" - not even days, actually.

Now, I'm strongly interested in the BPI-R1, mostly because being a standard configuration, it would hopefully not be susceptible to variability (which equals to instability) due to different makers.

I'm not a big fan of Realtek (my RTL8188CUS was highly unstable even with the fixed RPI 8192CU kernel module), but I would give it a shot if I would know for certain that it works as full replacement of a router.

My question therefore is: is there anybody who is permanently using a BPI-R1 as router?

Many thanks!

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R1 has a list of design problems: powering & overheating, wifi module is crappy, WAN and LAN are not separate phy. There are some DIY solutions for some problems but require soldering ;)

Check this: ... d-bpi-r1/ ... oper-linux-support/ ... obo-r-1-sata-power/

Than check this: ... solidruns-clearfog/

ClearFog. I am using / testing it for less than one month and haven't find any serious problem yet - only minor issues on USB stack. It's much more expensive but you can have SOHO high performance router, NAS and server in one.

Add: all measured speed parameters are top - wireless is rock stable and running at full speed with (13USD shipped) AR9380, 5 or 2.4Ghz ... In current config is as fast and stable as Tplink WDR4300 router N750, don't own AC card yet. SATA is running at full speed, gigabit is running at gigabit, ...

R1 is not even close to this.

Many thanks! Finally some serious project :-)

As far as I understand, the only reliable adapters are Mini PCI-E.

As far as I understand, the only reliable adapters are Mini PCI-E.

Yes. It's a standard design for many routers as well.

Winning combination is mini pci Atheros based. Actually this particular one is currently the best option for normal usage - it's cheap since it's locked down for client usage but since we are running it on open source driver, hacking & unlocking is possible

AC is too expensive (around 60 USD shipped), closed source at the moment and I hear not quite reliable yet. Not mentioned that speed gain is not as advertised. All those AC "great speeds" are anyway marketing chit chat unrelated to reality.

USB wireless adapters - close range, low speed and usually only 2.4G ... if you are lucky with stability ;)

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