"To see all your apps, touch the circle"

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I connected a brand new guitar to a monitor using an HDMI to VGA adapter, and everything comes up fine. When Android boots to the desktop, the standard overlay is on the screen saying "To see all your apps, touch the circle". The circle is partially off the right side of the screen. No matter what I do or where I click, the overlay won't go away, so I can't click on any icons on the desktop, like the "Settings" icon.

Any ideas what I need to do at this point?
I have met this problem also, it seems that there has some problem about the resolution self-adaption of HDMI.
You may do this:
Press and hold the top of the screen and drag down:
You will see this: click this button(settings).
settings -> display -> output screen resize: two.jpg
then resize the screen.

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