Backup Operational System in eMMC

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Hi Guys!

I am using Lemuntu in eMMC memory. It work pretty well.
So i would like to learn if is possible make a image backup to store in my computer. I know how to make a image backup using a single memory card without use eMMC.
But i never did it using eMMC before, i used Windows OS to burn the OS via IH FW Burning Tool

Is possible create a backup of my OS in Lemaker Guitar?!

Thank you for the Support!   
As all your configuration are operated under root file system, so you can just back up your root file system. Just copy.
And then, when you flash your emmc with a new OS distribution, but you want to back to your backup, then just copy the root file system back to the emmc.

Hi Mr Tony!

Thank you for response.
Yeah, i tried copy the file System using the following commands

//to list my sdcard device that i will use to copy the image
sudo fdisk -l  

//to try copy the files system to external device
sudo dd if="file system directory"  of= "external sdcard directory"

Please can you give a example how to copy O.S. to external device (sdcard / pen driver).

I am using Lemuntu
Thank you!

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Hamurabi replied at Feb 07, 2016 06:58
Please can you give a example how to copy O.S. to external device (sdcard / pen driver)..


To keep it easy I guess you would copy it to your SDcard in Guitar or
you attach the USB2 cable to the Guitar go in ADFU mode and copy the files to your PC.
If you don't know ADFU, read here in the Linux section.

To list the partions I like one of these:
  1. lsblk
  2. or
Copy the Code

the latter one is a bit cleaner.

Thank you Mr Tido.

ya this step i did, it is ok.
My trouble is do a single clone of my OS that is storage in EMMC to a image for SDCard or Computer.
I want do a exactly clone (a image) of what S.O. and programs installed in my EMMC to a external device (sdcard, pen driver or computer).

I dont know how to do this, still searching
Thank you!

Solved guys!!
I will let my help for who ask for it too.

The problem was in the command 'DD'

I found solution here and used the hint of Mr Tido to list the devices
http://cagewebdev.com/index.php/ ... erry-pi-is-running/

The unique difference is that in this case i exported from EMMC memory to a sdcard
In the case bellow (site) it was exporting from a sdcard to a Pendriver or other external storage.

After this step if want recovery the image, just burn again in a SDcard or in EMMC using  Win32Diskimager or  IH FW Burning Tool (to EMMC) in windows case.

Thank you Guys!

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  1. sudo dd if=<eMMC OS Partition> of=<SD/Ext. HDD Mount Point>/<Image Name> bs=512 conv=sync,noerror
Copy the Code

# lsblk
  • <eMMC OS Partition>                   --> ex. /dev/mmcblk0p2
  • <SD/Ext. HDD Device>                    --> ex. /dev/sda1 or /dev/mmcblk1p1

# mkdir -f /mnt/sd

# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sd
# dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p2 of=/mnt/sd/your_backup.img bs=512 conv=sync,noerror
  • bs=512 , The eMMC standard developed by the MMCA and the JEDEC is an open, royalty-free standard.
    A sector has a size of 512 bytes, the same size as a sector in the FAT file system.
  • conv=sync,noerror is necessary to prevent dd from stopping on error and performing a dump. conv=sync is largely meaningless without noerror.

# umount /mnt/sd

Note: I normally boot to BusyBox from SD, and then get the backup of eMMC OS Partition out to my attached external HDD.
It's more appropriate to get the backup of partition when it's not not mounted.

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