I can not start the lxde in Bananian For Banana Pi

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I have to do to start the graphic environment in bananapi terminal?

The banaian is a headless OS based on debian, it do not have the desktop bby default. If you want, you need install manually.

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I have some problems ^
1.I've installed LXDE desktop and uncomment in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf string autologin-user=<myuser>. After restart LXDE doesn't start - i see only black screen, host available on another consol(ctrl+alt+alt<1-9>) or via ssh.
If i set autologin-user=root LXDE starts good.
2.I cant understand how i can use autostart for running my scrips just after LXDE started - where i should place them ?

Could you help to solve problems ?

now use the Lubuntu pi

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