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Banana Pro / Arch Linux wlan0 on boot

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Hi there, I'm new to banana pi.  I have a Pro that I've installed Arch linux on.  I'm trying to use netctl to set up a wifi connection, but it appears wlan0 is already up.  It's apparently brought up somewhere in the startup/boot, but I can't find the configuration for it anywhere...

It's a simple matter to use ip link to take the interface down and then netctl to bring up the right profile, and this works fine.  But, I'd rather do it the right way...  Where is wlan0 being brought up from?

I've been digging around and I just can't find out how this has been done - there's nothing in dmesg or journalctl.  As a workaround, I set up a boot script as a service that waits a minute, and disables then re-enables the interface, starts it all up, then dhcpcd, etc.

Since you guys over at Lemaker built this custom image, can you shed some light on how you're bringing up wlan0 on boot, so I can fix it properly?

I've confirmed - again using the default arch linux image obtained here (http://www.lemaker.org/product-bananapro-resource.html), without making a single change to it - that the system starts up wlan0 on boot.  Even when there's no config for it!  Right out of the box!

At this point, I'm not going to waste any more time with this problem.  I've got it set up how I like it, doing what I need it for over ethernet.  My need for it to be connected to a separate network via wifi will just have to be done with some other hardware.

Thanks though.

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