pullUpDnControl in WiringLMK not work

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I have problem with pullUpDnControl (PIN, PUD_UP) in WiringLMK
pullUpDnControl not set pull_up resistor and not work with other down and off
But when use
gpio -x mcp23s17:100:0:0 mode 111 up
is work
I need to handle the pullUpDnControl and it is an unknown option for me. I used this in  WiringLMK but when I went through the page I found an option that cbd health benefits I use instead of it and that is working.

I think you should go to the center to find out more about the current situation click

Hope a solution for this technical error was shared here. truck accident attorney california I really like to know about this issue in detail. So please do share a solution for this soon and I am looking forward to more such helpful content

The sharing is quite good and effective. I have learned many new fixes. Thanks for sharing.

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