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Hello all,
I am far from being a linux crack, so please be patient if I might sound a litle stupid on this:
I got my BPro installed with Bananian and want to get zoneminder running.
It is not my first zoneminder installation, as there are many good how-tos out there, but in this case I get stucked.

first of all zoneminder should be available on the jessie reporistory, but "apt-get install zoneminder" only returns, there is no package "zoneminder".

Nevertheless I tried to compile it, relying on this document:
http://zoneminder.readthedocs.or ... onguide/debian.html

Following the steps, there are only two files created:
There is no *.deb file.

What do I miss? Do I need to change anything?

Thanks for any hint.
Just checked quick. Zoneminder is part of jessie-backports. howto:

This work manual:

I have checked. Works.

adduser www-data sudo
This is too much.

This is quite enough:
adduser www-data video

Good luck.

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