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On Ubuntu or another os, is there way to use Javafx? I have read it requires direct framebuffer access for it to work optimally. So is there a direct frame buffer driver for Power Vr Sgx544 for any os guitar runs on?


I have learned that Lemaker has Power VR SGX544 DDK, so you have source code of the user mode driver for the gpu. So is there a way to make drivers for Direct Framebuffer access? I need it because Java FX needs it. That was my intention when i get one of this boards. Open source vs. But learned that gpu user mode drivers is closed source. I would eventually have to search for other platforms since this is my priority. And there is even no response from anybody in the forum? No one knows anything about what i say here?

P.S. The link below is about java fx on embedded systems. Raspberry pi has no problems and Freescale based systems have no problem.
I will have my board tomorrow (probably). And i have made some research. Just to be sure i can succesfully run Java FX Gui app i am developing. I think os images here use X11 driver (correct me if i'm wrong)

Link: Java FX on Embedded Systems

Thanks again.
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