App not auto start after rebooting device

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Dear All,
I have Lemaker Guitar device. We have installed latest Android 5.1.1 (V1601)OS on it.
We have also installed our app, that has "run on startup" permission.
We are expecting that when the Guitar restarts, it will start our application. This setup works fine on other hardware that we have and also works with normal tablet.
However, the Lemaker Guitar Android 5.1.1 OS does not start the application on boot.
Is there any specific setting that need to be done?

Any inputs will be valuable.

I have the same problem.

You must set start application on boot, after reboot the application is already running, because there is no manual open, so it will not be seen in the task manager,but you can get the app push message! you can use social software to try it out!

Because you've updated your OS the older version of Lemaker Guitar app won't be comfortable with the latest OS which is why you will now need to reinstall the latest version of Lemaker Guitar app from Tutu Helper and it will work fine again.

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