HDMI -> DVI Display Colours

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i have a Banana Pi board with Android 4.2.2 installed. I'm using an old monitor (DVI only), that is connected to the Banana Pi via a HDMI to DVI cable. The problem is, that the colours aren't displayed correctly. Everything is pink ...



Does anybody know, how i can fix this? I already checked the monitor settings, but couldn't find a solution.

Hi, I had the same issue with HDMI cable and a HDMI-DVI adapter. Using HDMI-DVI cable fixed this. i will recommend to try another adapter.

Can I ask which resolution are you working with ? I get only 720p with Android resulting in stretched image on my 16:10 LCD


sorry for the late response. The "Display output mode" option from the display settings menu is set to "720p@60HZ" on my 16:10 LCD. So, it's pretty much the same configuration as yours...

By the way, i found a solution for the colour problem. I edited the Android image with "DragonFace" (for Windows) and set the parameter "hdmi_cts_compatibility" to "1" in the hdmi settings bracket in the image configuration file.

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