KODI CEC & Sound Confilict

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Hello all,
I have some issue with LeMedia CEC and Soudns.
First of all CEC on new image 1601 only works if you connect your HDMI cable to HDMI-1 of your TV otherwise it's not detecting.
However, if CEC initiates then in that case the sound does not work .

I tried to connect the Guitar HDMI to other TV port like HDMI-2. The result is that, the sound works but the CEC is not working.
If I restart the system, CEC initiates and tries to switch to HDMI-1 but because it cannot find HDMI connected to HDMI-1 then it's switch back to HDMI-2 and CEC is not available anymore.

I am using 60" Samsung TV uses/calling Anynet+ for CEC connectivity. So when I search for connected devices it cannot find the CEC if the HDM-2 is conected and as I said, no sound if HDMI-1 is connected.

I have reported that to LeMaker about few weeks ago. Just wanted to share it here and see if we can get any quicker fix or work around for that.

Any discussion would help...

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