Banana Pi doesn't boot

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I received my eagerly awaited Banana Pi Pro today and as excited as I was when I got it, as disappointed I am now, merely 4 hours later.

It powers up, the screen stays dark, the red LED is on and the green one does nothing at all.

I tried 4 different class 10 SD cards from different manufacturers, two power supplies and a simple USB connection to a PC but to no avail. One of the PSUs used happily powers my RasPi with all 4 USB ports used, so power isn't the issue. All tested SD cards run fine in 2 different RasPies, so they are working fine too.

I've tried to run 2 different Android images, Bananian and Raspian but the result is always the same: The BPI powers up but doesn't boot.

I've had a browse through the forum but none of the relevant postings offer a solution (no, I will not start soldering on a brand spanking new board) , so at least I know I am not alone.

Anything I'm missing? or do I have a DOA on my hands?

Ok, so apparently using the card reader in a Mac and writing images using "dd" isn't the way to go.

Went out to get myself an el cheapo USB card reader, plugged it into the Mac, fired up the Windows VM and wrote the bananian image to the card using Win32DiskImager and the BPi booted nicely. So no DOA, which is a major relief. Now if I can get Android working, I'm good.

What I can't believe is that cards which work a treat in my RasPi will not work on the BanPi. I know these devices are picky but this is extreme.

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