Running XFCE4 on Bananian

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the Banana Pi world and need a bit of help. I am trying to get a graphical user interface installed and working in my new Banana Pi, and I am having some difficulties. I am accesing my Banana Pi directly with a keyboard/mouse/monitor directly attached to it.

I installed Bananian version 15.08 in a 32GB microSD card, booted the Banana Pi and ran the following commands:

$apt-get- updater
$apt-get install xfce4

It all appeared to go well, with no error messages. I then tried to launch the XFCE4 interface by running the following command:


However, all I get is the following error message:

:Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:

Can anybody indicate what I need to do here to succesfully launch XFCE4?


working out of the box with video hw acceleration and 3d mali driver support. ...

Sorry, igorpec, I don't follow how this answers my question.


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repeated in error

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This image has what you asked for: Ubuntu with preinstalled and configured XFCE4, optimized to run on Bananas.

More info:

Thanks a lot for your help, Igorpec, much appreciated. My goal was to end up with a copy of Debian server (not Ubuntu) with a light desktop installed, hence I took the steps I explain in my original post. Any chance you or someone else can give me some idea regarding what's preventing me from launching the xfce4 desktop I installed based on the error message returned? Thanks again

Our goal is similar - only a bare desktop on the top of server image. Hard to tell what you are doing wrong:
Try those steps: ... desktop-environment

Or use our tool and build desktop on top of Debian Jessie or Wheezy. Both works ok.

Thanks you very much, igorpec, appreciate your help.

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